Project Description

Health SPA service is a traditional health service holistically done by integrating various health cares packed in modern technique. This kind of SPA makes use of such elements as water, massage, aroma, ingredients, colors, music, physical exercises, and food. All these elements are used for achieving therapeutic effects that guarantee the establishment of balance between the physic, the thought and mental whereby are achieved the optimal
quality of life and wellbeing.
Based on established health spa service standard there are known several types of services in Spa, of which one is the massage. Massage is one form of traditional health service which is skill-based comprising body care technique such as rubbing and pressing the parts of the body using the hands, fingers, elbow, or other tools that can produce stimulating and relaxation effects, normalizing the blood circulation system, the lymph system and other
physical systems in the body.
The problems under concern in this research are the following: (1) what is the significant value of the massage technique? (2) How far is there a correspondence between labeling and massage technique? The research based on the descriptive qualitative methods. The finding of this research shows that the labeling conforms with the massage techniques and the effect of treatment.